Explore the Port de Grave Peninsula

So much to see when you come to the Port de Grave Peninsula, whether it be summer or winter!

Check out the Fishermens’ Museum, Porter House and the Old School House in Hibb’s Cove.

Climb Jailhouse mountain!

Jailhouse Mountain located in the heart of Port de Grave.

Behind the Anglican rectory is a square buttress of
rock, the remains of Jail House Mountain, much of which
was used for fill for the construction of the fish plant
building in Ship Cove. A pair of handcuffs in the Fisherman’s
Museum suggest the existence of a jail on Jail
House Mountain. The Carbonear Star reported the execution
of Catherine Snow on July 28, 1834, explaining the
six months’ delay in carrying out the sentence was because
of her pregnancy. There is, however, no reference
to the birth of her baby.

Check out Lover’s Leap!

Info from Gerald Andrews Book – Heritage of an Newfoundland Outport

In 1864 two lovers, Charles DAWE , son of John and Jane DAWE of Ship Cove and Brigitte (Biddy) Warford of Blow Me Down were leaning on a rail on the eastern gulch of Daniels Hole. The rail gave way and they fell more than 60 feet to the beach below. Brigitte survived with light injuries but Charles was seriously injured. Upon inspection it was discovered that the rail had been sawed. Brigitte’s brother came under suspicion. No one knows for sure but Charles survived and later married Brigitte’s sister. That area is still referred to as “Lover’s Leap.” Brigitte went on to remarry twice to Solomon Taylor and Charles Henry Morgan.

Hike to Greenpoint Lighthouse!

The Green Point Lighthouse has been designated heritage site by Parks Canada, more news to follow on this issue.

If traveling around the Christmas season you will experience the annual Boat Lighting! A world renowned event which see thousands of visitors every Christmas to view the spectacular site. Port de Grave Harbour comes aglow from Dec. 11th to Jan. 6, 2021! Tp get the full story please check out their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PortDeGraveAnnualBoatLighting/

For more information regarding the Port de Grave Peninsula please check out the Port de Grave Peninsula Heritage Society Inc., webpage https://pdgphs.com/

So much more to do here on the Peninsula, and if you book with us, we are located in the heart of the Harbour on Lighthouse Road.

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